Tuesday, July 4, 2017

T-Shirts are here!

We are all blessed and what better way to show it then with this t-shirt! You will also be blessing a young girl with a family and not living the rest of her life in an institution. Thank you for your support! 

Update July 3, 2017

Yes, it's been a while since I posted. 

All of my paperwork is in Armenia waiting on their government to review. They held elections in April and have new government officials and it is taking them time to get things moving. I am hoping they will review me this month (July) so I can make my first trip in August, but it might be another month or two before they review dossier packets. So it's just a waiting game now. 

Still working on fundraisers - though they haven't gone very well. 😡 I did a flower bulb fundraiser, a The Gourmet Cupboard fundraiser, made bird seed wreaths (see below), (sold a few and I will try again in the fall), sold some dog treats at a craft show, knitted a set of finger puppets that sold, made a few sponge water bombs that did not sell, and sold items from around the house. The last fundraiser was for the 4th of July/vacation; a goodie package with popcorn, candy, and glo bracelets (see below). I also rented out my backyard for a bridal shower and am working a part-time job (10-25 hours a week) on top of my full-time job. 

Upcoming fundraisers are (besides still selling more items from home) : Avon, T-shirts, and an Auction. 

Travel/Summer time packs: $10 for 1 pack (includes shipping) and $5 for each additional fun pack.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Making Progress

Today, May 5, I will get all of my notarized dossier documents apostilled. -- An apostille is a certificate issued by the Secretary of State that proves the authenticity of a Notary's signature and seal. An apostille alone is sufficient proof of authentication for notarized documents exchanged between countries which abide by the Hague Convention. -- What is the Hague Convention? The Hague Convention is an international agreement to establish safeguards to ensure that inter-country adoptions take place in the best interests of the child. The Convention entered into force for the United States in April 2008.

After the apostille is completed, I will get to mail by dossier to the adoption agency to be sent to Armenia so that translation can begin.

I am still waiting on USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) approval. I mailed my I800A form application on Thursday, April 20 and it was received on Friday, April 21. It was approved and I received a Form I-797, Notice of Action on Friday, April 28. The notice states that within 10-days I will receive a biometrics appointment. -- What is a biometrics appointment? A biometrics appointment means that a person's unique physical and other traits are detected and recorded as a means of confirming identity. In simple terms, USCIS will probably take my photograph, fingerprints and have me sign my name. This process confirms my identity so that USCIS provides benefits to the correct person and facilitates the necessary criminal background check.

So progress is being made, but there is still a long road of waiting ahead.

Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Diamond Heart Ring Giveaway

Bring ‘Lana’ home giveaway! Make a donation to my FSP for a chance to win this beautiful brand new diamond heart ring from Kay Jewelers. Comes with a lifetime warranty for sizing and cleanings. Total value of over $110!! For a $10 donation you will get 4 entries, for $20 you will get 10. 1 free entry for sharing this post, or 2 free entries if someone mentions your name when sending me their receipt for a $20 donation. Drawing will take place after $200 of donation entries are received. rice.paytheransom.org

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Current ways to help & the process . . .

There are different ways to help with the adoption.

Pray - prayer has power. Pray for the process; there's the home study, waiting, USCIS approval, waiting, the dossier, waiting, travel, and then waiting again for final travel. Also, pray for Lana and all orphaned children throughout the world.

Donate - Donations can be made with the link on the right-hand side of this page. Donations made via PayPal will incur a 3% reduction in the donation to cover those Paypal fees. Donations made via check are given at 100%.

Checks should be made payable to and mailed to:

Reece’s Rainbow

PO Box 146
Combined Locks, WI 54113
(Please indicate my adoption in the memo)

I am also starting fund raisers. My first one is flowers! This will run until April 22. There is a $6.00 flat rate for shipping. Orders will start shipping out in Mid-April (just in time for planting season).


This is where I am in the process of many steps. Working on the home study!

Home Study - A home study is an integral part of the adoption process. In fact, approval to adopt typically hinges on it. It's a detailed, written report on your family. It's typically prepared by a social worker and compiled through interviews and visits to the home. A home study can take months to complete. It consists of a family background; your neighborhood, community and its schools; your physical health; financial statements; criminal clearances; references; the interviews and home inspection.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

And So It Begins . . .

I was introduced to adoption – especially international adoption, and Reece’s Rainbow, when my daughter decided to adopt a little girl with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe. My daughter and granddaughter returned home in December 2015. While following her adoption and the year since, I have helped as many families as I could, financially and prayerfully. I have also advocated for many children in need of families. Reading story after story about the life altering effects of adoption – for the child and parents – has been an inspiration to me.
After reading about the conditions children who have aged out face, and knowing those children would never know the love of a family, I knew I needed to do more. For the last few months I have been contemplating and praying on what more I could do to help these children. So I am excited to announce that I am going to bring ‘Lana’ home before she ages out and loses the chance to live happily ever after knowing the love and joy of having a family! 💙
I raised my daughter as a single parent and know the struggles it involves and the additional work it requires, but decided that now is a good time to adopt an older child who is also from the same country where my granddaughter is from. Like my granddaughter, Lana rocks that awesome extra chromosome!
Any prayers and support, financially or emotionally, are greatly appreciated during this adoption process!